Promo Bounties

Promoting whale bounties

A place for whales (and dolphins) to post activities, competitions and challenges and rewards, which can be viewed and fulfilled by members of the community

Give back to the community

There are loads of very talented Steemians out there. If you need some help in a project, this is the place to do it

Please contact us with details of your bounty activity / challenge in our chat area and we will spread the word to the promo community on Steemit!



If you are a Whale and would like to suggest a promotional activity / challenge for Steem promoters to get involved with in return for a bounty reward we would like to post it here so that it gets the attention of the best promoters on Steemit and the Steem blockchain.


For example a whale may like to propose a 1000 steem reward for getting the Steem logo onto a flag and on TV at the main stage of a festival.


Another example may be that a whale may like to propose a 1500 steem reward for making steem trend on Reddit

As we build our site we will keep an updated list of bounties that whales are offering on this page!


Make sure your bounty can be easily found by the people who want to fulfill it. Use the Whale Bounties page to get your project seen by more people. 


Promote and simplify the task of getting your project seen by a wide section of the community who have demonstrated a willingness to help grow the platform.


Offer bounties in STEEM, STEEM POWER or STEEM BACKED DOLLARS. Or fiat if you prefer (although we can't understand why)