Promo-Steem Website Whitepaper


The Promo-Steem group aims to facilitate the promotion of Steemit and Steem by harnessing the resources of the Steem blockchain as a mechanism to support promoters.

Promo-steem is a voluntary group of Steemit users consisting of affiliate members known as Steem Ambassadors.  Steemit users wishing to become Steem Ambassadors may apply and will be accepted / rejected by the Steemit community.


steem ambassadors


  • To provide a mechanism whereby Steem and the Steem community can reward promoters for doing high quality promotional work.
  • To provide a location for Steem promoters and Steem whales who support promotional work to congregate.
  • To assist with the organisation, support and communication of promotional initiatives for Steem and Steemit.


  • New comers to Steemit & Steem
  • Steemit Promoters and Steem Ambassadors
  • Steem whales


The site structure shall minimize number of sub-pages and maximise simplicity and a flat hierarchical structure where possible, using a simple hub and spoke structure with the home page as the hub.

Home Page

The home page shall focus on summarizing the goals and main functions of the promo-steem website

A method of removing spam from the current #promo-steem tag shall be adopted.  This may have to be done via manual selection initially, however shall incorporate a community voting process (see below) as the site progresses.

On-boarding Page

Shall include multiple methods for on-boarding to Steem.  The aim is to allow for all Steem promoters to have a one stop shop in order to onboard each type of potential new user they encounter.  This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • “I was introduced to Steemit by” - allows us to keep a record of which Steemians on-board the most new comers
  • Various sign up options:
  • Anon Steem
  • Standard sign up.
  • Accounts pre-charged with Steem to avoid multi exchange fiat - Steem purchase.


Resources Area

Shall include multiple resources for promoting steem and steemit, including but not limited to the following:

  • Steemit help links
  • Community Links
  • Whale shares, steemnow, steemcool links
  • Welcome page
  • Promotion methods
  • Others….


Steem Ambassador Programme

Shall include the selection process (to include community), limited section criteria and instructions on how to apply / pitch to be a Steem Ambassador.

As the site progresses we should identify benefits / privileges & rewards of Steem Ambassadors


The Website shall include a simple description of the Guild with sign up option

Upcoming Promotional Events

Allow the community to add their planned promo events to this page in order to obtain publicity and support from the community, link to Steem blockchain so that up votes can be obtained directly from the site.

Promoters Map of the World

Shall show the location of all Steemit Promoters on a map of world.

Promo-steem shall contact @steemitworldmap regards to promoters world map for potential integration, as this project has significant funding and recognition.

Artwork Area

Community to submit artwork for promo-steem.  This will enable promoters to easily download steem and steemit logos for use on promotion apparel.

Chat Area

A structured chat area which shall link from a discord channel. We should think about the structure of this prior to implementation and bring lessons learned from other chat areas. Implementation of an affective chat area is a complex matter and should be approached with a structure and strategy in mind.

A clear set of guides for how we want this chat area to run may be worth writing (possibly to include in the guidelines for use on the website)

  • Public Area

This includes a longer term view on posting all public comments to the Steem blockchain so that most valuable can be up voted.  This will encourage Steemians to provide support to other users voluntarily in return for up votes.

  • Private Area

An area for private messaging that is not useful to show publically such as meeting time arrangements and other items not for public viewing.


This area will link to the promo-steem centralised blog on with a focus on news and updates in the promo initiative.  Additional comments welcome.

Applications Area

To include apps that we endorse, such as promo-trailing bot, promotion ideas / instructions

Promotional Merchandise Shop

Should allow for revenue gathering and the sale of Promo-steem apparel and apparel. Additional comments welcome.

Steem Whale Promo Bounty’s

Allow a place for Steem Whales to propose awards for promotional events / achievements such as getting the steem logo on TV at Glastonbury or making Steemit trend on reddit etc.


Voting Guild Community Up voting Process

The Promo-Steem core team shall propose Steem Ambassadors and request approval from the community.  Following approval, these Ambassadors shall have voting rights on the promo-steem voting guild.  Should any 3 of these members vote for the same promo-steem tagged blog a % of the guild’s vote shall be placed on said blog along with any trailing up votes from our trailing bot.  These blogs shall then be featured on the home page with options to sort by trending or by newest.

Referral Tracking

We shall develop an automated way of tracking the “I was introduced to Steemit by” tag on the on-boarding page. This will allow us to reward, promote and encourage the best performing Steemians.

Pre charged Steem Accounts

We should discuss the legal implications of using credit cards payments (or others) in return for the private keys to pre charged steem accounts.  Following this we need to obtain steem in order to provide a range of account sizes.  This should be made functional through the on-boarding page, such that upon payment receipt, they private key and account name, along with instructions on how to change the master key are sent to the email of the recipient.

Upcoming Promotional Events / Artwork / Promo Bounty

This should display upcoming promo events & Whale Bounty’s that have been blogged on  The promo event blogs & bounty’s should auto up load to the webpage based on scanning for a tag such as “#promo-event” and include the community up voting process above in order to avoid spamming to the tag.  For events we plan to use an eventbrite API to display promo steem events on our website.


Technical requirements for the chat are:

  • Importing discord chat to webpage and displaying it in private & public form on the promo-steem website
  • Allowing public posts to the blockchain and enable upvotes on chat threads


Promoters Map of the World

Team to consider making this interactive for users (e.g. include links to Steemit accounts of promoters).


  • The website shall be accessible from the following devices:
    • Desktop, PC, tablet, smart phone, with view to releasing a #promo-steem DAPP at a later time.
  • Team to consider any Terms and Conditions required


The style of the site shall be minimalist.  The team shall carry out a review prior to alpha release to bring all functional content on the website to an absolute minimum in order to maximise simplicity while achieving the best practical functional use for the site


The logo shall be such that the work PROMO is the main feature.  An additional word shall be featured in the logo such that PROMO can be paired with other words to create PROMO sub categories. For example, PROMO-STEEM, PROMO-WORLD, or PROMO-OTHER etc.


  • Analysing and rewarding best performing promoters
  • Review & proposal of Steem Ambassadors + maintenance of Steem Ambassadors list including who has which specific privileges
  • Reviewing and up voting #promo-steem, promotional events, Artwork
  • Updating Promo World Map
  • Maintaining part time presence in chat area to provide assistance to community
  • Writing Newsletter
  • General Site content updates & Maintenance
  • Voting Guild & trailing bot maintenance & troubleshooting
  • Merchandise design, distribution & stocking
  • Micro Loan pitch review and loan tracking
  • Maintenance of pre charged steem accounts
  • Publicity of promo initiatives to Whales.
  • Others please add


Site to be hosted outside of EU to avoid GDPR legislation (due to come into effect in May 2018)


Promo-steem team to meet and carry out a scalability review once the initial alpha version of the website is prepared.  Ideally this should be completed prior to website release.


  • Consider contacting @steemitworldmap to combine with promo world map + consider interactive features for map
  • Propose Steem Ambassadors for voting guild
  • Consider any Terms and Conditions required
  • Functional Content review prior to alpha release
  • Scalability Review