Steem Ambassadors are approved by the community as individuals who will curate high quality content which is categorised with the #promo-steem tag.

Effectively, they are the eyes and ears of the Promo-Steem community, and are the ones responsible for ensuring quality and decentralisation.

The main role of the Steem Ambassador is to ensure that our guild rewards system upvotes only high quality content which: 

  • Successfully promotes Steemit and/or the STEEM blockchain to new users, investors, businesses or other organisations.
  • Is involved with voluntaryist work on the STEEM blockchain.
  • Is involved with educating non-steemians to the potential of the blockchain.


Steem Ambassadors agree to follow certain guidelines to ensure and maintain the integrity of the community. Whilst it is up to each individual Steem Ambassador to interpret the guidelines, they are ultimately accountable to the community they serve, which can choose to remove them should they wish.


In order to become a Steem Ambassador the prospective Steemit user shall apply by publishing a blog entitled “My Steem Ambassador Application”.  This blog shall be tagged with “ambassadorapplication” and “promo-steem”.

The blog shall include the following content as a minimum:

  • Photos / video of the applicant promoting Steem / Steemit
  • Previous promotional experience (if any)
  • Your story and achievements as a Steem/Steemit promoter so far
  • Why you promote Steem / Steemit
  • What are the reasons you want to become a Steem Ambassador
  • What are your future Plans as a Steem Ambassador
  • Pledge to follow the Steem Ambassador responsibilities and guidelines which you can see here and the community guidelines which can be found here

The Promo-steem team shall review the applications.  Successful applicants shall be proposed to the community via a blog from the promo-steem centralised account on

If there are zero objections to the applicant in the comments from the Steemit community, then the applicant is successful and becomes a Steem Ambassador!!


Steem Ambassador Privileges / Duties

Steem ambassadors endeavour to review and curating around 35  high quality promotional posts using the #promo-steem tag.

Should 3 or more Steem Ambassadors vote on any particular promo-steem blog the promo-steem voting guild shall upvote said blog.

Steem Ambassadors shall have regular feature articles written about them on the promo-steem centralised steemit account.

In the longer term, Steem Ambassadors will be able to use their status to obtain delegated steem and other privileges on the steem blockchain.