Steem Ambassadors Programme


Steem Ambassadors are respected, trusted and upstanding members of the Promo-Steem community who have a proven track record in the execution of highly effective promotional work for Steemit and the Steem blockchain.    

Steemit users wishing to become Steem Ambassadors may apply and will be accepted / rejected by the Steemit community. 


How to Apply to be a Steem Ambassador

In order to become a Steem Ambassador the prospective Steemit user shall apply by publishing a blog entitled “My Steem Ambassador Application”.  This blog shall be tagged with “ambassadorapplication” and “promo-steem”. 

The blog shall include the following content as a minimum:

  • Photos / video of the applicant promoting Steem / Steemit
  • Previous promotional experience (if any)
  • Your story and achievements as a Steem/Steemit promoter so far
  • Why you promote Steem / Steemit
  • What are the reasons you want to become a Steem Ambassador
  • What are your future Plans as a Steem Ambassador

The Promo-steem team shall review the applications.  Successful applicants shall be proposed to the community via a blog from the promo-steem centralised account on

If there are zero objections to the applicant in the comments from the Steemit community, then the applicant is successful and becomes a Steem Ambassador!!

Steem Ambassador Privileges / Duties

Steem ambassadors shall endeavour to spend a minimum of 15 minutes per day reviewing and curating high quality promotional content posted to the promo-steem tag.

Should 3 or more Steem Ambassadors vote on any particular promo-steem blog the promo-steem voting guild shall upvote said blog.

Steem Ambassadors shall have regular feature articles written about them on the promo-steem centralised steemit account.

In the longer term, Steem Ambassadors will be able to use their status to obtain delegated steem and other privileges on the steem blockchain.