Promo-Steem Upvoting Guild

Rewarding great promoters of Steem and Steemit

A major part of the Promo-steem vision is to ensure that those engaging in promotional activities which help to grow awareness and adoption of Steemit and the Steem blockchain are rewarded for their voluntaryist efforts.

Curated upvoting guild

Our guild allows supporters to delegate Steem Power, and is manually curated by Steem Ambassadors who ensure content quality and the integrity of the promo-steem tag

Trailing curation system

As well as the centralised upvote guild, you can also join the trailing guild and add some of your own support to great promoters

guild upvote mockup 4 mac



Steem Ambassadors have voting rights on the promo-steem voting guild.  Should any 3 of these Ambassadors vote for the same promo-steem tagged blog a % of the guild’s vote shall be placed on said blog along with any trailing up votes from our trailing bot.  These blogs shall then be featured on the promo-steem website home page with options to sort by trending or by newest.

This upvoting method shall result in a community voting system in which steem rewards are distributed based on upvotes from several members of the community rather than one corruptible gatekeeper.


When a number of Steem Ambassadors have manually curated on a post, every member of the Guild with available power will upvote the post automatically, meaning the post author will receive a good reward from the whole community for their efforts.


Steemians can also support promotional work by joining the promo-steem trailing bot which will trail votes by following the votes of the promo-steem guild, maximizing creator and curator rewards.



The Promo-Steem Voting Guild allows the community to delegate STEEM to support promotional initiatives and earn a dividend, as well as exposure, from the curation rewards earned.

Delegate Steem to our centralised account @steem-ambassador