Microloans for Steem Promoters

We can help to fund your promotional activity

We know that sometimes promoting can be costly to start with, and we want to make it easy for you, hence why we are offering completely interest free microloans to people who want to engage in promotional activities.

Available to all Steem platform users

All you need to access a microloan is to put together a great pitch, and send it to us. We love a good idea, and want to help you. Repay the loan, interest free, using your earnings from blogging about your promotional activity.

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If you need a little financial help getting your promotional activities off the ground, we can help with a microloan. Simply submit a pitch, which will be reviewed by the Ambassadors. Assuming your pitch is successful, we will transfer Steem or Steem Backed Dollars (SBD) to your account, along with a repayment schedule.

That's it...a simple way of raising the money you need to embark on your project. Pay it back using some of the earnings you are sure to make from your promotional activities (especially if you use the tools on this site to help you!)


Let everyone in the community know what you are planning, including when and where you are going to be hosting your event. Promote it, and find willing supporters in your area.


Got a great idea for promotional activities, but might need some support from your fellow Steemians? This is the perfect place to get other promoters coming along to your event.



Using our events management system provides a completely free and simple to use way of promoting your event, whether it's a social meetup, a street promotion or a formal presentation.