Onboarding Options

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Members can use their own referral link to sign up new Steemers themselves (and get rewarded)

Standard Signup

Use the standard signup option provided by Steemit.com

  • Free
  • Slowest option
  • Requires verification information



AnonSteem allows you to purchase new STEEM accounts without verification.

  • Anonymous account creation
  • Fast signup
  • Pay with Bitcoin or Litecoin

Steem Invite

Create a new STEEM account quickly using a small amount of delegated Steem Power.

  • Uses temporary funding, ultimately costs nothing
  • Fast account creation
  • Fund using a small amount of delegated Steem Power

Ambassador Signup

Steem Ambassadors can sign up new users and verify them directly

  • Free account using delegated Steem
  • Fast account creation
  • Rewards top performing Ambassadors

Precharged Accounts

Buy a ready made account for immediate use, and load up with any amount of Steem you want.

  • Can be used immediately
  • Buy Steem and have it loaded into your account
  • Perfect for new investors


LEARN BY DOING: Ten blogs in which the new user will become a capable Steemian, and earn rewards!