Why the STEEM blockchain is Number #1

What makes STEEM so special?

There are so many reasons why STEEM as a blockchain is worth promoting. Here are some key points which promoters may find useful when talking about it.


STEEM is super-fast. With around 3 second transaction times, it is like greased lightening compared to most of the other major blockchains


STEEM processes more daily transactions than any other blockchain. In fact, it accounts for twice the amount handled by Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin combined.


STEEM uses currently around 1% of its current network capacity. Ethereum, the second biggest blockchain in terms of transactions regularly is at maximum, which slows everything down.


Developers can freely build applications on the STEEM blockchain. It can be used to support any number of collaborations, businesses and projects.


STEEM has fee-free transactions, which is much better than paying high mining fees.


The STEEM blockchain is public, completely transparent and censor-proof.


STEEM already has a huge user community, thanks mainly to the STEEMIT platform.


STEEM, especially with the release of SMT's, has massive potential to grow, and with a small market cap compared to other blockchains, it's easy to see why there is so many possibilities for the growth in value.