Resources for Promoters

A whole toolbox full of resources for promoters

When you're promoting, there are so many useful tools which will help you spread the message. We've put them together all in one place so you can quickly find what you need.

Graphics and Logos

Need graphics to add to your promotional material? Get everything you could possibly need here including official logos, images and templates.

Want to be a promoter but don't know where to start?

Draw upon the combined experience and knowledge of excellent Steem Promoters here, and learn tried and tested ways to promote the platform

Sign new users up quickly

Use the range of tools in the onboarding section to quickly sign up new users.

Financial help for Steem Promoters

Use our microloan facility to get the funding together to start promotional activities anywhere in the world.

promotional resources



Use our resources section to access everything you might need for your promotional activity, whether it be high quality graphics, poster and banner templates, onboarding options for quick signups, or even raise finance to kickstart your promo-steem project.


Save yourself time recreating promotional material from scratch. But if you have made something useful, and want to share it, we would be very pleased to feature it here too.


No need to spend loads of time making new promotional material, when others have already done it for you. Use our templates to make it easy to get started.


Let other members of the community benefit from the work you've already done by sharing your promotional materials here.



Everything you could possibly need for promotional activities is here, but sometimes you just need a bit of human help too. You will find loads of voluntaryist's here who want to assist you.