Promo-steem is a decentralised group of voluntaryist individuals who are committed to promotional and educational activities related to the STEEM blockchain. 

The STEEM network accounts for approximately half of all daily global blockchain transactions , is free to use and transact, and has the largest and most diverse community of users. It is lightening fast (transactions take around 3 seconds only) and one of its most interesting properties is that it rewards its users for posting to the blockchain.

The primary goal of the promo-steem initiative is to increase awareness of, and adoption, of the STEEM blockchain for both individuals and businesses, and to essentially increase the price and value of the STEEM cryptocurrency through increased demand.

Because the network is decentralised, there is no ownership of the initiative. It is led by the community it serves.

By using the "power of the crowd", and especially a crowd which can be financially rewarded with newly mined cryptocurrency, we aim to to demonstrate how the STEEM blockchain can be used as a powerful, transparent and rewarding tool for content creators, entrepreneurs, developers and a vast variety of projects.

C.A.M.P.U.S. - The first ever multi-proof-of-brain guild of oracles

In order to support the work of the thousands of STEEM users who post to the tag, the central account named @steem-ambassador provides upvotes which meet certain criteria based on a simple concensus algorithm.

When three or more named Steem Ambassadors upvote a single post, that post receives an equal upvote from the central @steem-ambassador account with the other posts which met the criteria that day.

The role of the Steem Ambassadors is to curate, and ensure they only upvote what they perceive to be high quality posts to the blockchain. Because no single Steem Ambassador can influence whether a post should receive an upvote or not, this reduces corruption in the system, and ensures it is firmly multi-proof-of-brain, and fully decentralised.


Promo-steem actively engages with three different types of people, all who are necessary to maintain the integrity and success of the programme.

Content creators are actively engaged in promotional activities. Steem Ambassadors are the eyes and ears, who decide which activities should be rewarded. Delegators provide the vested power to fund the rewards pool which supports the content creators and ambassadors in achieving their work.


Rewarding content creators of high quality promotional, educational and humanitarian work. Content creators publish to the STEEM blockchain. The work is curated by multiple Steem Ambassadors, and once a threshold of support is reached, the post is upvoted by the @steem-ambassador account and resteemed to the @promo-steem account.


Appointed and approved by the community, Steem Ambassadors are highly respected individuals on the STEEM blockchain who curate the posts tagged #promo-steem. They ensure the integrity of the community, and are accountable by their voting behaviour. They often volunteer to act as mentors and guides in their local communities.


We encourage new and experienced investors to delegate STEEM POWER to fund #promo-steem projects on the blockchain. All curation rewards earned by the @steem-ambassador guild are returned to those who delegate to the programme, providing a passive investment stream which simultaneously supports incentives that increase the value of their crypto-portfolio